Sculptor’s Touch Articles

“Tools and Techniques”

This section talks about very specific approaches to sculpture like how to carve certain kinds of stone and how to use particular tools.

Buying the Stone by DLSproule – where to find and how to select the right stone

Speaking with the Stone by DLSproule – finding inspiration

Your First Sculptures by DLSproule

The Toothed Chisel and the Scutch by DLSproule

Files, Rasps and Rifflers by DLSproule

The Payoff: Finishing With Sandpaper by DLSproule

“Touchstones to Enlightenment”

More general observations and personal stories. A zen approach to sculpture rather than a mechanical approach.

When the Stone Speaks by Laura Belford

Home Decorating: The Cachet of Sculpture by DLSproule

Learning Patience from Sculpting by DLSproule

The Attraction of Subtractive Art by Jill Lum

Is Stone Sculpting for You? by DLSproule